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Stan Tucker leaves a great testimonial for senior care experts

Wonderful group of people doing a very important, worthwhile job.”

-Stan Tucker

Sally Coaplen Zilic Testimonial for Senior Care Experts

Always willing to offer advice and helpful hints for caring for senior loved ones.”

-Sally Coaplen Zilic

Kathy Semmes Lisa great review for senior care experts in Louisville

This organization does so much good for so many people. Everything from non-medical home care to meals for seniors to the lifeline pendant and even the “Pill Lady”.”

-Kathy Semmes

Linda Nicholas Payne Had a great experience with senior care experts

Trying to help elderly parents when you are not in their town is very difficult. SeniorCare Experts have taken this burden from our shoulders. With both parents sick and needing help. One went into the hospital today and the other is at home. SeniorCare staff have been in both places making sure both are taken care of!!!! Hugs to all of you!”

-Linda Nicholas Payne

Nellie Miceli Hartnet Testimonial for senior care experts in Louisville

The meal service is great. God bless those volunteers.”

-Nellie Miceli Hartnet

Nancy Dening Wenz Great testimonial for senior care experts

This organization is so wonderful! The meal service has really helped my Dad. He is afraid to use the stove for fear he will forget to turn off the burners. The meals are high quality and I love knowing my Dad will have a wholesome meal while I am away at work. My Dad enjoys seeing the smiling faces that deliver the meals. Thank you SeniorCare Experts!!!”

-Nancy Dening Wenz

Mom wanted me to tell you how much they enjoyed the Christmas meal on Monday. She said it was delicious! Thanks for all you do to make life better for my parents. My father will be 96 years old next month and my mom is legally deaf and blind so she can’t cook. I don’t know where they would be without the meals you provide!”

-Mrs. Crews