Personal Transportation Services

Senior Care Services in Louisville, Kentucky

Personal Transportation Services

Senior Care Services in Louisville, Kentucky

Are you no longer driving? Wish you could get out more often? Have no way to get to doctor visits or the beauty salon? Would you like to have someone stay with you on your outings? We have a solution! SeniorCare Experts Personal Escorted Transportation (PET) program is a one-of-a-kind senior transportation program in the Louisville area.

If you no longer drive but still need transportation, our flexible, escorted transportation service will help. Our trained, screened and security-checked team of caring volunteers will pick you up at home and drive you to your destination. They are available to stay with you throughout the drive if requested.

The service is used for:

  • Appointments with health care providers
  • Beauty shop/Barber appointments
  • Grocery shopping
  • Errands – post office, bank, etc.
  • Visits to local parks and attractions
  • More – any outing need can be covered

Service Area

The service area for this unique program is eastern Jefferson County – east of Bardstown Road over to River Road. It encompasses roughly half of Jefferson County and includes Fern Creek, Jeffersontown, Buechel, Hikes Point, Middletown, Plainview, Prospect, St. Matthews, Crescent Hill, Clifton, Brownsboro Road, Zorn Avenue. Rides can be scheduled within these areas, or from one of these neighborhoods to the downtown area for a medical appointment and back home.

Benefits of Remaining Independent and Mobile

Few people think about or plan for the day they turn in the keys, or have them taken away by family members. But each year, more than one million Americans aged 70 and up stop driving, thereby depending on others for transportation. More and more people are outliving the decision to stop driving by a decade or more, yet it is vitally important to remain independent and mobile.

Remaining mobile with a transportation service can help in the following ways:

  • Older adults continue to be engaged in the outside world
  • Older adults continue to support local economies; businesses retain valuable customers
  • Helps people stay connected to friends, and community.
  • Social interaction opportunities can protect against isolation, loneliness and depression
  • Relieves adult children from the daunting challenge of transporting their elderly family members.

SeniorCare Experts PET service provides rides with door-to-door, arm in arm service to hundreds of local seniors each year.

Scheduling a Ride

Rides are typically scheduled a week in advance. If you need a ride more quickly, please call us to confirm availability.

There is a one time $25 set up fee. Clients may call our coordinator to schedule a ride. Rides typically are charged according to the number of zip codes traversed during the ride (typical round trip averages about $22).

Ready to get out more often?

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Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our PET clients have to say about this unique program:

“I am legally blind and all the transportation drivers give me a hand, as to pointing out better buys that I am not able to see. They are always friendly and helpful…I think their biggest virtue is patience. Thank you for this service.” – Betty J.

“Thank you to all the volunteers who drive me. You are wonderful! I feel fortunate to have you and look forward to seeing you.” – Florence W.

“Mother and I are so appreciative of the SCE volunteers. They are a key component of her safe life in her own home. Thank you!” – Daughter of Dale C.

“Words cannot express the help the volunteers have given to me, not only for transportation, but personal help they give me, since I am blind. I really enjoy the conversation.” – Virginia J.

“Thank you for the many safe and pleasant trips I’ve had with you. Your service is invaluable. Thanks always for Pat and Joyce (SCE PET coordinators).” – Millie Z.