Our SeniorCare Services

SeniorCare Experts in Louisville, Kentucky

Our SeniorCare Services

SeniorCare Experts in Louisville, Kentucky

We devote 100% of our energies to offer solutions and services to older adults and their families. SeniorCare Experts focus on the needs of each individual. The individual is assessed and a care plan is put into place to make sure the individual is receiving the best possible care and maintaining their independence and safety. We offer a variety of programs and services to help each individual. In addition, we partner with other community resources if the individual’s needs are not a part of our menu of services. The individuals’ needs are always placed as a first priority.

All of our services are contract-free. You or your loved one can try one of our services out for a short period of time or if the need itself is temporary. For example: If someone has surgery, maybe meals and some non-medical home-care will be needed for only a couple of weeks.

Every situation and every person is different. We work with the individual to make sure it is best for him or her. Give us a call and we’ll work with you or your loved one for what is best.


  • “Wonderful group of people doing a very important, worthwhile job.”

    -Stan Tucker

  • “Always willing to offer advice and helpful hints for caring for senior loved ones.”

    -Sally Coaplen Zilic

  • “This organization does so much good for so many people. Everything from non-medical home care to meals for seniors to the lifeline pendant and even the “Pill Lady”.”

    -Kathy Semmes