Guardian Medication Dispensing

Senior Care Services in Louisville, Kentucky

Guardian Medication Dispensing

Senior Care Services in Louisville, Kentucky

SeniorCare Experts offers the Guardian Medication Dispensing Service.

Remain at home safely with the Guardian medication-dispensing service. This service is appropriate for those who need help setting up complicated pill regimens and remembering to take pills in the correct amount and at the correct times.
Similar to falling, medication non-adherence poses a significant risk to seniors.

Guardian Med Dispenser
Receive audible and visual reminders for medication notifications.

The Guardian Med Dispenserâ„¢ organizes medications and provides reminders for each dose using a clear, automated voice and on-screen display messages. It is an easy-to-use system with a locking unit to ensure that medications are kept safe and secure. If a missed dose occurs, The Guardian Med Dispenserâ„¢ triggers a phone call to alert a family member or caregiver. With a simple user interface and dependable monitoring capabilities, The Guardian Med Dispenserâ„¢ eases the stress of complex prescription regimens.

  • Audible and visual reminders for hearing-impaired or low-vision subscribers
  • Connects to a landline phone
  • Dosing capabilities offer up to 10 days of medications with up to 6 doses a day, or 30 days with up to 2 doses a day
  • Large capacity and can fit up to 20 pills

SeniorCare Experts oversees certified and back-ground screened installers. These professionals will install, service and teach caregivers how to maintain these devices for you, your loved one or your patient!

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How this service helps
This service in the home helps seniors, or anyone with complicated pill regimens, manage their medications: setting up doses in convenient cups, scheduling dose times, automated reminder messages, missed dose alerts, on-line reporting for caregivers and more. The dispensing service has a proven 98.6% adherence rate.

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