Our Staff

Senior Care Experts in Louisville, Kentucky

Our Staff

Senior Care Experts in Louisville, Kentucky

Patty Dissell, Executive Director

Patty Dissell,
Executive Director


On behalf of all our staff, volunteers and Board of Directors, thank you for allowing us to serve our oldest generation! And, thank you to those that make financial gifts so we may serve those that need financial assistance.”

Becky Ricketts, Client Services Liaison

Becky Ricketts,
Client Services Liaison 


Becky installs the medical Alerts units, teaches folks how to use the device and she will call and check on our clients on a regular basis. In addition, she also helps with training our volunteers, does community outreach and is always helpful in finding and preparing grants to help fund our organization. “I love our clients! I love helping them, getting to know them and being their second family. SCE is so vital to this community! I have been here for over 15 years loving every minute!.”

Cara Montgomery, Social Worker

Cara Montgomery,
Social Worker


Cara Montgomery is the Social Worker for Senior Care Experts. Although Cara has been in the social services field since 1989 working with Metro Parks, Eastern State Hospital, Home Of The Innocents, Seven Counties, Bridgehaven in addition to almost 10 years with state government; CPS, APS, OIG. Cara previously spent the past 7 years working as a case manager for Acquired Brain injury. She comes to SCE with great experience and positive energy with a passion for helping others. Cara is empathetic, patient, perceptive, dependable, persistent and driven when it comes to helping others. In conclusion, Cara is looking forward to working with a non-profit organization that recognizes the seniors in our community and to help provide them the services they may need to live independently in their home. “I await the opportunity to helping our clients and recognizing their need, their voice and provide them services they need and want to stay in their home, live independently…and helping our clients to stay connected with their health, well-being and quality of life as they wish”..”

kristin Kristin Knabel, Administrative Assistant and Transportation Coordinator

Kristin Knabel,
Administrative Assistant and Transportation Coordinator


Kristin is our NEW Administrative Assistant!! SCE is excited that Kristin has joined the team. Kristin works with all office staff members accomplishing all office tasks. She is mainly responsible for updating and entering contact information in our new database. She also works with the front desk volunteers to monitor the phone. Kristin is also always looking for volunteers as our senior transportation program is growing. If you need a ride, give her a call. “I enjoy working with the SCE Staff each day. It fills my heart to know that because I am in the office accomplishing the small tasks everyday our other staff members can be out serving our seniors!

Gina Elliott, Finance Manager

Gina Elliott,
Finance Manager


Gina has helped SCE with accounting for six years and I am pleased that I am now officially part of the staff!

Terry Lesch, Social Worker

Terry Lesch,
Social Worker


I am very excited to join the SCE team. My 25 years of experience in Home Health allows me to help all our clients. I served on the Board of Directors and now am a staff member.