Senior Care Experts

Helping Seniors Live Independently

Senior Care Experts

Helping Seniors Live Independently

SeniorCare Experts is 45 years old! 

SeniorCare is very proud that we have been a trusted nonprofit in this community for this long.  SCE is here to help our oldest generation in so many ways. We believe in physical & emotional wellness and we focus on what an individual needs to help him or her stay safe and independent.

We believe in enabling seniors to live a healthy, comfortable, and fulfilling life from home.

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  • “Wonderful group of people doing a very important, worthwhile job.”

    -Stan Tucker

  • “Always willing to offer advice and helpful hints for caring for senior loved ones.”

    -Sally Coaplen Zilic

  • “This organization does so much good for so many people. Everything from non-medical home care to meals for seniors to the lifeline pendant and even the “Pill Lady”.”

    -Kathy Semmes

Dear Clients, Families, Volunteers, and Friends,

SeniorCare Experts is actively monitoring the progression of the coronavirus, COVID-19, to ensure that we have the most accurate and latest information on the threat of the virus. As you know, this situation continues to develop rapidly as new cases are identified in our communities and our protocols will be adjusted as needed.

While most cases of COVID-19 are mild, causing only fever and cough, a very small percentage of cases become severe and may progress particularly in the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions. Because this is the primary population that SeniorCare Experts serves, we understand your concerns and want to share with you how our organization is responding to the threat of COVID-19.

First and foremost, safety and protecting the health of our clients and volunteers have always been a top priority. We have already been practicing these methods of keeping our clients safe. SeniorCare Experts wants to reassure you of these protective measures.


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