To Donate To The SeniorCare Walk

  • You may submit a donation, without any registering, or donating to a participant, or joining a team.
  • This is accomplished by using this simple donation form. There will not be a notice of a $20 registering fee at the top of the form
  • Select your donation amount, or specify your own, then submit the form.
  • There will not be any credit to a participant or team
  • Your donation will reduce the total amount of the fundraising campaign and will show immediately in the goal status box.
  • Fill out the donation form with your contact information.
  • The payment details sections will automatically populate with the information you enter in the top portion of this form; if you are using a credit card with different payment credentials, these entries in the lower payment section may be changed, to reflect the proper identification for the credit card being used for this transaction.
  • Before submitting the payment form, please use the SHOW TOTAL button and verify your payment amount.
  • After submitting the form, your computer screen will show a thank you message