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Senior Care Experts will retain all donations, and hopefully will win the bracket and the winning prize of $10,000! Help Senior Care Experts and Donate NOW!

Senior Care Experts WON THE FIRST ROUND!

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Note from Patty Dissell – ROUND TWO

The Tournament

Every March, Brackets For Good hosts a single-elimination, bracket-style fundraising tournament in multiple cities that raises much-needed funds and awareness for nonprofit organizations of all sizes in each community.

Senior Care Experts registered in 2015, and was selected to participate in this tournament.

  1. Senior Care Experts will participate at no cost and retain 100% of the donations raised during the tournament, regardless of advancement. The tournament champion in each city will also receive a grand prize donation of $10,000 from the title sponsor.
  2. The six-round tournament takes place over five weeks beginning at 8:00 pm on the last Friday in February and ending on the first Friday of April, with each of the first four rounds lasting a full week and the semifinal and championship round each lasting three days.
  3. The tournament begins with 64 local charities, each paired in a competitive match-up against an opponent. Charities advance through the rounds by scoring more points than their opponent. Every $1 donated through equals 1 point scored for the chosen charity. At the end of each round, the nonprofit with the most points in the individual match-up advances to the next round, the points are reset, and the fundraising continues until a champion is crowned.
  4. Until the philanthropic four round, nonprofits compete alongside similarly-sized organizations within one of four tournament divisions.

For any questions, please contact Patty Dissell, Executive Director, at