2014 Anniversary Walk and Food Drive

We will gather at Baptist East Milestone, 750 Cypress Station Drive, April 13th at 2:00pm. We will cross over to the “wetlands” park for a short stroll and then head back for light snacks and prizes. If you do not feel like walking, you can check out the wonderful facility at Milestone.

We are also collecting enough food to fill a U-Haul truck! Please bring non-perishable food with you. This food will be delivered to various seniors in our community the week of April 14-20. Small toiletries, paper products, and pet food accepted too!

Mayor’s Week of service

SeniorCare Experts Anniversary Walk is a perfect way to contribute to the Mayor’s Week of Service. The time you spend at the event and the food you bring are considered acts of compassion. Let’s all contribute to this community effort and help SeniorCare Experts celebrate 40 years of service at the same time!

Help Us Reach Our Goal
Raising money for SeniorCare Experts is Easy

SeniorCare Experts is raising $40,000 to help provide excellent care for our seniors in our community.

You can help by Joining the SeniorCare Expert Fundraising Team, or if you are a member of the team click here to access your personal donations page and provide a donation that will reduce your financial goal.

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$40 4 Types of Food Walk T-Shirt
$400 4 Types of Food T-Shirt and Anniversary Cap or Visor
$1400 4 Types of Food T-Shirt and Tote Cooler
$4000 4 Types of Food All of the above and Microfleece Vest

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