SeniorCare Experts

SCE is 41 years old!  We are very proud that we have been a trusted nonprofit in this community for this long.  We are here to help our oldest generation in so many ways.

We believe in physical wellness and emotional wellness.  We focus on what an individual needs to help him or her stay safe and independent.

Emotional wellness comes from socialization and feeling connected.  Our volunteers provide friendships as well as the tasks involved in home delivered meals or transportation.  Everyone connected to SCE is treated like family.  We reach out to them via visits or phone calls just to make sure they are okay.

Emotional wellness is closely tied to the physical well being.  If someone is feeling isolated or depressed, he or she may not eat as well or have trouble sleeping, which in turn affects their physical wellness.

By providing caring program services, we are helping seniors stay healthy, safe, independent, connected and maintain dignity in their later years.  We care about you and your loved ones!

We would love to talk with you!  Please feel free to call us or come visit.  We are a small team with big hearts doing great things!